Timber Castle
Energy Efficient Log Home Living

Kiln dried to keep the weather out.
No shrinkage, no gaps, no cold air leaking in, just a whole lot of cozy.

Timber Castle is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Strongwood, North America's leading manufacturer of Log Homes, Log Cabins, Log Home Packages, and Log Home Kits. From northwoods cabins to luxury lakeside executive homes, we guarantee you'll get your new log home started right with our unique building programs, dealer network, and excellent customer service.

Design your own log home or log cabin, or choose one of our log home plans, then let the Timber Castle team help you pick the log style and building program that fits you best. Our Design Department will do all of the design work necessary for construction... and we'll be there to assist you at every stage of the project, from planning to completion.

Building options include asking Timber Castle to assist you in locating a qualified local builder, building your own Timber Castle home, or taking care of all the details for you. You decide... and we're there to help you get the job done right.

We know your standards are high. So to ensure your complete satisfaction, we have the people, processes, materials and experience in place to perfect every last detail, every step of the way. Let your journey begin now.